Age GroupBirth YearTeam NamePrimary Training LocationHead CoachAssistant Coach
U102012CelticCCBC - CatonsvilleMelissa Orgera
U112011CelticCCBC - CatonsvilleMelissa OrgeraShawn Kiernan
U122010Pre-AcademyCCBC – CatonsvilleBonnie SandoneAnthony Adams, Lasse Mertins
U132009Pre-AcademyCCBC – Catonsville / Archbishop SpaldingRich Wilson
U132009AcademyCCBC – Catonsville / EssexTom RuzziBonnie Sandone
U142008Pre-AcademyCCBC – CatonsvilleShawn BeheganLiz Seligman
U142008AcademyCCBC – Catonsville / EssexChrista GredleinTom Ruzzi
U152007Pre-AcademyCCBC – CatonsvilleSeydina SeckMonica Serafini
U152007AcademyCCBC – CatonsvilleJames HaislipAnthony Adams
U162006Celtic WestCarrol County AreaAshley BowersCarl Delmont
U162006Pre-AcademyCCBC - CatonsvilleMike ScarffLincoln Phillips
U162006AcademyCCBC – Catonsville / EssexMike VanschoorisseJusting McGrath
U172005Elite -WestCarroll Co AreaCarl DelmontScott Maas
U172005Celtic NorthBaltimore Co Area / The John Carroll SchoolStephanie MuellerShawn Parsons
U172005Elite - NorthThe John Carroll SchoolInterim - JC Ayers
U172005AcademyCCBC – Catonsville / EssexDoy SeaboltEric Collins
U182004Pre-AcademyCCBC – CatonsvilleMichael ScottSeydina Seck
U18/192004/03Celtic NorthThe John Carroll SchoolHayley Howe
U18/192004/03EliteCarroll County AreaCarl DelmontSteve Goad
U18/192004/03AcademyCCBC – Catonsville /EssexDoy SeaboltMichael Scott

Passion, Energy, Execution, Personal Accountability

Everything we do starts with a passion for the game and a yearning to compete.  We start every session with a positive attitude; accept that our attitude is a decision; and make no excuses for negativity.  We also understand that proper preparation leads to execution.  We train as we play and play as we train.  We expect to out-work every opponent in every game; play intelligently; and execute efficiently. In order to achieve success, on and off the field, we must care more about TEAM than about self.  The attitudes and choices made by any individual member reflect on his or her teammates, coaches, and the Celtic organization as a whole.