Age GroupBirth YearTeam NamePrimary Training LocationHead CoachAssistant Coach
U82014CelticCCBC – CatonsvilleNeal DossouviAshley Murphy
U92013CelticCCBC – CatonsvilleNeal DossouviMatthew Smith
U102012CelticCCBC - CatonsvilleLasse MertinsNic China
U102012ThunderCCBC - CatonsvilleKeith RiceNic China
U112011CelticBaltimore Co – Owings MillsCraig ApplebyMartin Illiev
U112011CrewCCBC - CatonsvilleNick ConsentinoJody Haislip
U112011CelticArchbishop Spalding SchoolTony DonatelliCedric Terry
U122010CelticArchbishop Spalding SchoolSteve Bloom
U122010Pre-ECNLBaltimore Co – Owings MillsVictor France
U132009Celtic NorthThe John Carroll SchoolHayley HoweMark Diodato
U132009Pre-ECNLBaltimore Co – Owings MillsAaron Zukerburg
U132009ECNLBaltimore Co – Owings MillsDave JohnsonTim Chairs
U142008GreenBaltimore Co – Owings MillsElton de OliveriaMatthew Smit, Bill Kerr
U142008PredatorsBaltimore Co – Owings MillsElton de OliveriaMatthew Smith, Bill Kerr
U142008Pre-ECNLArchbishop Spalding SchoolFred Sporrer
U142008ECNLArchbishop Curley SchoolTerry LocklearPJ Wakefield
U152007Celtic SouthArchbishop Spalding SchoolJoe McNally
U152007Pre-ECNLBaltimore Co – Owings MillsAJ Berry
U152007ECNLArchbishop Curley SchoolBarry StitzMike Griffith
U162006Celtic WestGerstell AcademyAshley Murphy
U162006Pre-ECNLArchbishop Spalding SchoolTony DonatelliDarren Sweeney
U162006ECNLArchbishop Spalding SchoolPat CrawfordMatt, Lucas, Fred Sporrer
U172005ECNLArchbishop Curley SchoolAdam MizellMark Mettrick
U182004Pre-ECNLArchbishop Spalding SchoolTaylor AilshieJoe Knight
U18/192004/03Pre-ECNLThe John Carroll SchoolBrian TullyEthan Matthews
U18/192004/03ECNLBaltimore Co – Owings MillsDan LouisignauBenny Kujawa

Passion, Energy, Execution, Personal Accountability

Everything we do starts with a passion for the game and a yearning to compete.  We start every session with a positive attitude; accept that our attitude is a decision; and make no excuses for negativity.  We also understand that proper preparation leads to execution.  We train as we play and play as we train.  We expect to out-work every opponent in every game; play intelligently; and execute efficiently. In order to achieve success, on and off the field, we must care more about TEAM than about self.  The attitudes and choices made by any individual member reflect on his or her teammates, coaches, and the Celtic organization as a whole.