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NovaCare RehabilitationNovaCare Rehabilitation is proud to be the athletic training and physical therapy partner for the Baltimore Celtic SC athletes and community!

Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance your playing career or a parent who wants to be able to keep up with their future soccer star, NovaCare can help you get back to what matters most.

Aches, pains, or injury? Don’t sit and wait for things to get worse. E-mail the dedicated Baltimore SC  sports injury hotline instead! A NovaCare Rehabilitation clinician will follow-up with you within 24-36 hours and provide you with education regarding your injury, a recommendation for an evaluation and expert physical therapy care at one of their nearby centers and/or a physician referral, if needed.

To find a location near you, visit
Sports Medicine Information in Partnership With NovaCare Rehabilitation
Sports Medicine Information in Partnership With NovaCare Rehabilitation

The Role of Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers play an integral part in keeping athletes healthy and on the field. NovaCare athletic trainers work as an extension of the team, focusing on injury prevention, treatment and keeping athletes performing at their maximum potential.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) follows the occurrence of an injury or trauma to the head. Not all people who suffer mild traumatic head injury experience PCS; however, this syndrome may be worse in people who have had previous concussions or head trauma.

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