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Why Does My Leg Hurt? Common Running Injuries

Injuries that cause leg pain can be debilitating and are very common in competitive and recreation runners.

With an individualized treatment plan, these injuries can be effectively treated with physical therapy. Conditions successfully treated by a physical therapist include:

Exertional compartment syndrome

CECS is the result of increased pressure in the fascial compartments of the lower extremities due to the increased oxygen demand on exercising muscle. The repeated increase in compartment compression can lead to muscle, nerve or blood vessel damage, resulting in possible development of permanent numbness or weakness in the affected muscles.

Symptoms may include:

  • Recurrent, exercise-induced leg pain
  • Usually a predictable distance
  • Cramping / Burning
  • Squeezing ache
  • Increases with continued exertion / Subsides with rest
Running Injuries

Stress fractures

Stress fractures are caused when bone fails to adapt adequately to the repetitive stress of exercise. As the bone begins to deform, it is necessary to decrease the stress along the bone to decrease the risk of further damage or fracture.

Symptoms may include:

  • Gradual increase in pain with activity
  • Insidious onset
  • Focal tenderness

Don’t let your training aches and pains turn into season-ending injuries!

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